Search Engine Optimization Tips for Review Sites: Google Places, Yelp and (coming soon)

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Google PlacesThere are several popular online location service websites and apps that can make a big difference for your brick and mortar establishment’s online visibility. If you run a pizza place in Portland, for example, if you can get your establishment near the top of the search list when locals search for a place to grab a slice, you could end up with a lot more walk-in customers. In this article I’ll take a look at a few different sites and ways to help improve your search results and information.

Using Location Directory Pages

Google Places, Yelp, and Foursquare are some of the most popular location search services on PC and smartphones for businesses. They are all free to set up and can offer several additional tools beyond simple directory submission. I’ll also point you towards some other directory sites that could help your business, but these social media sites are some of the most important to get set up, and the additional tools they provide are well worth looking into.

One of the most crucial parts of ensuring your search results will rank now is making sure that your Google Places info is set up and optimized for search. Google Places and Google+ Pages offer great SEO benefits on the most popular search engine. First you will want to make sure that all of your information is correct on your Google Places page. Then you need to verify your location in order to show up on Google’s search engine results page. The quickest way to verify is via SMS, which only takes a couple of minutes.

Here is a helpful article with some great tips on optimizing your page specifically for Google Pages.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews are also a big part of how your business will appear in search results. Some companies have been known to pay writers to generate positive reviews, but many of these websites do try to clear false reviews when they can catch them. This factor may seem a bit outside of your control, but really this is where a little bit of customer service can go a long way. By responding and attempting to rectify a negative reviewer’s problem, other users will see this attention to detail, and that reviewer may even go back to adjust his or her review.

Here are some great ideas to generate more quality reviews on Yelp. Good reviews can make a big difference, as a well reviewed establishment is likely to pull many more new customers, so it can be well worth putting some energy into establishing your brand and presence on yelp.

Running promotions to encourage more reviews

Many location sites and apps such as Yelp and Foursquare offer businesses opportunities to promote specials for the online community. This is a great way to engage these communities and generate more reviews and likes for your page. Whether it’s just a like or a full review, a good special can really help get people talking about and sharing your business online.

Address Citations

Another important factor for boosting your search results are the citations for your address and phone number. You need to make sure that your address and number appear the exact same way anywhere they appear on the web. In this case, your address is your citation, and the more it appears around the web, the higher your pages will rank in search results. If alternate versions of your address appear, I would recommend doing whatever you can to fix them. You can use it as your signature in community forums and social media sites as well as submit it to other local directories, to boost your citations and results. If you are not sure which version of your address to use, you should use the exact version that the Post Office would use. You also want to make sure to use a local phone number, as this will rank much more highly within location services than an 800 number or non-regional number like you might be assigned on Google Voice or Skype.


You will want to identify what keywords people search for to find the type of business you operate. You should incorporate these keywords into your pages and your images as often as possible (within reason, spamming keywords can result in diminished search results). Here is a helpful free keyword finder from Wordstream, where you can enter a basic keyword related to your business to find several niche related keywords people might be searching for. Also keep in mind that keywords that appear in your title, URL, and within the first 1,000 characters of your page weigh more heavily on the ranking systems than those found near the bottom.


Images are another important step for your location pages. Pictures should be formatted so that they will appear appropriately in a search results page, and since the first uploaded image is the first to appear with your page, I’d recommend using a clearly recognizable logo. Images should be formatted to 290×290 pixels and carry a .jpeg or .png extension. Other useful images to include are a picture of your establishment from the outside, so that visitors can easily recognize it when they arrive, and maybe some images to display your products or portray the services you offer. This article offers a lot of helpful advice on optimizing your images for the web.

Additional websites that can improve search engine results

These are some other pages that Google incorporates into its ranking system, so if they apply to your business I would recommend setting up pages and trying to garner some reviews on these sites:

Angie’s List


City Search

Insider pages

Judy’s Book

Service Magic

Not only will these help to boost your search results and give you more places for additional address citations, but it’s a good idea to get linked into these communities so that you can be accessible in regional searches on that many more websites.

Increasing your visibility increases your clients

It’s simple really, the more people see and hear about your establishment, the more people know about the services you offer when they need them. Since most people only search for a place when they are looking to use their services, having your search results rank highly can make a big difference in your customer base. It’s free to list and post with a majority of these sites, so it’s well worth a little bit of your time to make sure you have your information and SEO content in place. I hope these tips and resources can help you on your way! Make sure to check back here at the CEM blog for more tips on SEO and advice for your social media marketing.





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Mud Runs: Do These Fun Runs Motivate You?

What Do You Love About Mud Runs?

What Do You Love About Mud Runs?

Way to go! Do these crazy runs (mud runs, zombie courses, midnight romps) motivate you? Why do you love them?

Locations, distances, etc.

(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles…)

There are muddy events for everyone — from 5K to 12 miles, timed and untimed, and somewhat difficult to super difficult. All are very, very dirty. Some of the most popular series:

Tough Mudder: 36 races a year, 10 to 12 miles long. Untimed, team-focused events founded by Will Dean, former counter-terrorism agent for British Special Forces. Upcoming California events: July 7-8, Snow Valley Mountain Resort at Running Springs; Sept. 22-23, Truckee; Sept 29-30, Patterson.

Spartan Race: 41 races, 3+, 8+ and 10-12 miles long plus a 48-hour challenge. Upcoming events: June 30, Midway, Utah; Dec. 1-2, Malibu; Jan. 26-27, 2013, Vail Lake Resort, Temecula.

Warrior Dash: 48 races, 3 miles long. Upcoming events: March 31, Lake Elsinore; April 28, Florence, Ariz.; Oct. 20, Henderson, NV.; Oct. 27, Hollister, Calif.

Muddy Buddy: Eight races, including 3- to 4-mile runs and 6- to 7-mile bike-and-runs (where teammates swap positions at obstacles). Upcoming events: May 12, Austin, Texas; Aug. 12, Boulder, Colo., Aug. 19, Portland, Ore; Sept. 30, San

Camp Pendleton World Famous Mud Run: Numerous 10K races, including five in June. Includes hills, tire obstacles, river crossings, 5-foot walls, tunnel crawl, slippery hill climb and final 30-foot mud pit. Upcoming events: June 2, 3, 9, 10 and 16, some events sold out.

—Roy M. Wallack



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Football Team Stands Up Against Bullying: How do Your School Athletes Make a Difference?

Football Players Stand Up to Bullying

Football Players Stand Up to Bullying

Queen Creek High School football players stood up to bullies who were throwing trash at a freshman who has a rare brain disorder

via WATCH: Football team stands up against bullying | National News.

Way to go!  All football players should stop bullying then they become the heroes off the field too.

When I was in high school, the entire athletic department made an agreement to attend each other sports. Soon all the games were packed with fans not just football and basketball.  As the athletes/cool kids attracted others to attend the games.  With the fan support, all of our teams performed better. Leadership is contagious.

Athletes need to realize they are the influences and can have a super positive impact on the school and their fellow students.

Here’s to positive reviews on (coming soon).  Check us out on for our blog.

WATCH: Football team stands up against bullying

Queen Creek High School football players stood up to bullies who were throwing trash at a freshman who has a rare brain disorder

( | Prep Rally) Chy Johnson is a freshman at Queen Creek (Ariz.) High who happens to have a brain disorder. She is the prototypical outsider new girl on campus, the easiest teen to pick on and the last to be able to stand up for herself. Right on cue, no sooner had Johnson enrolled at Queen Creek than she began being the victim of nasty bullying from a wide variety of fellow Queen Creek students, some of whom allegedly even threw trash at the 16 year old.

The bullying incidents got so bad that Johnson’s mother reached out to the one teen at the school with whom she had a social connection through a friend, a senior named Carson Jones. As it turns out, Jones is also the starting quarterback for the Queen Creek football team, a good looking one at that. In short, he is the apex of cool at Queen Creek.

As first reported by, all Johnson’s mother wanted was to know the name of the girls who were bullying her daughter. Instead, Jones decided to take it upon himself to protect the freshman, eating lunch with her every day and ensuring that she was protected by a phalanx of other football players when she walked through the hall.

“They’re not mean to me, because all my boys love me,” Chy told AZFamily. “So much.”

Chy’s “boys” form a solid core of the Queen Creek football team, and they have successfully kept those who would target the special needs student away. Jones doesn’t completely understand why or how it has happened, but it has.

“They’re not bullying her anymore because they’ve seen her with us or something,” Jones told AZFamily.

For their part, Jones and his teammates say that they’re getting just as much out of the relationship as Johnson is, too.

“It feels good to know that we helped someone else, because you know, we’re doing good, everything for us is going well, but someone else needs to feel good, too,” Queen Creek senior Tucker Workman told AZFamily.

Read more:

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Voters Decided: Local Sports and Politics – Who Won.

Big Name in Sports Thrown for Losses by Voters

Who Were The Big Sports Losers by The Voters?

Who Were The Big Sports Losers by The Voters?

VIDEO: What is the connection between sports and politics during the 2012 election season? Rick Horrow discusses pressing issues on the national, state, and local level with special guests including Matthew Dowd, Rep. Heath Shuler, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, and Andy Dolich. (Source: Bloomberg)

updated Nov. 7, 2012

On a night when sports and politics went 1-on-1, name recognition scored few points with voters.

Linda McMahon, linked with her husband to pro wrestling’s world of slams and smackdowns, lost her U.S. Senate race in Connecticut — again.

Connie Mack IV, who carries one of the most venerated names in baseball, was defeated in a bid for a Senate seat in Florida.

George Allen, with familial links to the Washington Redskins past and present, also was blocked from the Senate.

Ben Chandler, the grandson of onetime baseball commissioner Happy Chandler, was out of his U.S. House seat in Kentucky.

Tuesday was hardly an All-Star night for sports. Long gone are the days when the likes of basketball’s Bill Bradley served in the Senate. More recently, football’s J.C. Watts and track’s Jim Ryun were in Congress.

Two years ago, Hall of Fame pitcher and Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning retired. This year, sports lost more of its sizzle in Congress: Wisconsin Sen. Herb Kohl, the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, retired, and North Carolina Rep. Heath Shuler, a one-time NFL quarterback, chose not to run again after his district was redrawn.

McMahon, a Republican who once ran World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. with blustery husband Vince McMahon, was beaten by Democrat Chris Murphy. She also lost in 2010, and the two defeats came with a hefty check — nearly $100 million from her personal treasury.

Murphy, a three-term congressman, made an issue of the 64-year-old McMahon’s wrestling roots, dismissing the enterprise as a vulgar and violent spectacle that belittled women.

“I think that not every CEO is qualified to be a United States senator,” he said.

WWE, as the wrestling extravaganza is now known, tried to clean up its image during the Senate campaign in an attempt to make itself more presentable as family fare. Still, Democrats found ways to remind the electorate of an online scene featuring a wrestler simulating sex with a corpse in a casket.

Mack, the great-grandson of Hall of Fame manager Connie Mack, was beaten by Democrat Bill Nelson, who won a third term.

Mack has made much of his baseball lineage. On his web page, the “O” in his first name is replaced with a baseball. The congressman’s great-grandfather managed the Philadelphia Athletics for 50 years, starting in 1901, and with his suit and straw hat was always an impeccable presence in the dugout.

The younger Mack’s reputation was hit hard in TV ads. Nelson depicted Mack as a bar brawling party-boy. In 1992, Mack was involved in a barroom brawl with then-Atlanta Braves outfielder Ron Gant. Mack insisted he was sober and minding his own business.

Ben Chandler’s grandfather was commissioner from 1945-51, a period when Jackie Robinson joined the Dodgers and broke the game’s racial barrier. Ben Chandler, a fiscally conservative Democrat, lost to Republican Andy Barr, who linked his opponent to the president in a state where Barack Obama is decidedly weak.

Allen, turned back in Virginia by Tim Kaine, is the brother of current Redskins general manager Bruce Allen and the son of former Redskins coach George Allen.

The inability to draw on a prominent name extended to Nevada. The Tarkanian name once counted for a lot on the basketball court, but not so much in politics these days. Danny Tarkanian was the star point guard in the early ’80s at UNLV, where he was coached by his celebrated towel-chomping father, Jerry Tarkanian. Danny Tarkanian lost his race for a House seat in Congress, his fourth straight political defeat.

Breaking with the family trend was Tom Rooney. The nephew of Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney, easily won re-election to his U.S. House seat from Florida.

Four ex-NFL players were in the mix: Jon Runyan, a lineman who spent most of his 14 NFL seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, held his New Jersey seat in Congress; Clint Didier, once a star tight end for the Redskins, lost his race to become public lands commissioner in the state of Washington; Phil Hansen, a defensive end who played on three Super Bowl teams for the Bills, was in a tight race for the Minnesota Legislature; and Jimmy Farris (Falcons, Redskins) was trounced in his bid for a U.S. House seat from Idaho.

In college basketball, Al Lawson, once a Florida A&M star and assistant coach to Hugh Durham at Florida State, was beaten in a bid for the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida. Jim Tedisco, a Union College star in the early ’70s, was on his way to victory in the New York Legislature.

A one-time Harlem Globetrotter provided some razzle-dazzle in Arkansas. Fred Smith, of the Green Party, was elected to the Legislature when a judge said no votes would be counted for his opponent because of a felony conviction.

In a sports-related ballot measure, Glendale, Ariz., voters rejected a sales tax enacted this summer, but it’s still uncertain what this does to the proposed sale of the Phoenix Coyotes.


Associated Press writers Susan Haigh in Hartford, Conn., and Gary Fineout and Brendan Farrington in Florida contributed to this report.


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How to Take Advantage of Online Review Sites: Coming Soon!

A look at using customer forums and review sites such as Yelp to generate sales, tips on responding to negative feedback, plus how and why to make it simple for customers to review you.

Customer is Always Right

Customer is Always Right

As a business owner, you’re used to calling all the shots, so it can be infuriating when the Internet seems like a vast, uncontrollable forum for customers to heap criticism on your company. Getting a rave review on an obscure website but being unsure of how to highlight it as an example of your devoted customer base and quality services can be just as frustrating.

Many businesses get caught up in the frenzy over social media such as Twitter and Facebook, while neglecting review and answer sites. Comprehensive surveillance of review sites could save you the cost of consultants and focus groups, and allow you to interact directly with customers to manage and monitor your company’s reputation. Responding to criticism, within limits, and posting answers to online queries in your industry can bring in new and repeat customers if done properly.

Some key sites in this field to familiarize yourself with are Yelp, Yahoo! Answers, and Mahalo. Yelp has millions of reviews of local businesses around the United States. It’s free to set up an account, and it allows you to answer questions about your business and see how many users are scoping out your business’ page. Setting up a detailed profile with useful information such as images and a link to your website will give your company more visibility and clout, while you can offer special discounts or promotions for customers that give you a review.

Online Sports Reviews

Online Sports Reviews

The upside of Yahoo! Answers, is that it is immensely popular and largely dominates the Q & A market. However, the quality of the answers is typically low because absolutely anyone can ask or answer a question. On the bright side, that just gives your well-thought-out response more of a chance to shine.

Mahalo is a human-powered search engine with a growing Q & A section. That section allows users to post a question and offer a monetary prize or tip for the best answer. A $50 or $100 tip can draw dozens of respondents who are incentivized to think hard about your question and your brand. It’s like an instant, public focus group with marketing built in,” says Jason Calacanis, Mahalo’s CEO.

Sometimes a niche Q & A site targeted to your industry is more effective. For example, if your company does business consulting, a site such as Bizmore, which is an advice community for small and mid-sized businesses, can really help you zero in on your target demographic. Examples of smaller players in the Q & A field that are still useful to know about or look into are peppered throughout this article.

How to Take Advantage of Online Review and Answer Sites: Answer Questions to Find Customers

Surfing message boards and Q & A sites to answer the questions of current and future customers can be a serious boon to a small business. It’s a relatively easy way to raise brand awareness, build your SEO strength, and even generate sales leads. But you can’t just rampage through the world of online queries dispensing unwanted advice like a magic eightball gone haywire. You need a primer on the etiquette and strategy of online Q & A.

1.Be flexible. When Best Price Nutrition discovered that the questions they answered on Yahoo! Answers had a higher click-through rate and resulted in more new customers than their company blog, they retooled their online strategy to focus more on reaching out to customers through Yahoo! Answers.

2. Be genuine. It always helps to link to your website at the end of a post, though some forums forbid it and you should examine any online community’s rules before engaging. Also, keep the tone personal rather than promotional. Use your name and title at the company, and for forums that require a user name, make sure you are consistent across all the platforms you post on. At all costs eschew corporate speak.

3. Don’t lie or mislead. This rule sounds simple, but enough companies flub it that it bears repeating. Some obvious examples to avoid emulating include John Mackey, Whole Foods’ CEO, who was caught cheerleading Whole Foods and bashing its competitors on online stock market forums. In a similar vein, Lifestyle Lift, a national plastic surgery company, was forced to pay the highest price yet for this sort of practice when New York State fined the company $300,000 for “deceptive commercial practices” after its employees posted positive reviews of the company’s services without revealing their, ahem, conflict of interest.

4. Put quality before quantity. Each answer you post reaches not just the original poster but anyone with similar interests and access to a search engine. This means you don’t need to kill yourself responding to every forum user whose question has some bearing on your business.

5. Don’t feed the trolls. An inevitability of anonymous message boards is angry or spiteful people with a lot of time on their hands. If you become engaged in a conversation with someone who is clearly irrational or has some sort of ax to grind, the best strategy is to ignore them.

Dig Deeper: How to Get Profitable Sales Leads Online

Know What People are Saying

“The first phase of social media was listening to the conversation. The second phase was joining the conversation. The third phase will be hosting the conversation on your site,” says Calacanis. But first things first, here are some of the best ways to track public opinion about your company.

1. Keep a finger on the pulse. There a multitude of free sites that allow you to track mentions of your company or brand on both traditional and social media. Some free and popular methods include setting up Google or Yahoo! Alerts, as well as tracking Twitter hashtags, which serve to organize trends and topics, and mentions of your user name. Using Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop, a directory of popular blogs and articles on a wide range of subjects, can help you keep tabs on the movers and shakers in your industry and potentially develop relationships with them. In a separate category from reputation monitoring sites and services, Google Analytics is a great free tool that lets you monitor your website traffic which, among other things, can help you evaluate the success of your social media efforts. Finally, it’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on the competition as well to see how you could improve and avoid pitfalls.

2. Get insight into customer satisfaction. Services such as RatePoint, a suite of widgets that business owners can subscribe to, including customer reviews, surveys, and newsletters can be downloaded to any commercial website. The service helped Will Aubuchon who runs customize his inventory to better meet customer demand and boost revenue by 5 percent last year.

Dig Deeper: Safeguard Your Brand Reputation Online

How to Take Advantage of Online Review and Answer Sites: Responding to Negative Reviews

If your Yelp page is one of the first things to come up on a Google search, scathing reviews can put a real dent in your pocketbook. At the same time, sometimes you have to toe the line. Here’s how to approach a giant digital thumbs down.

1. Don’t get defensive. It’s the natural response but no matter how justified you feel, your initial response to a miffed customer should be apologetic that they had a negative experience and convey proactive steps to address the problem.

2. Be quick on your feet. Customers will often go back to update a negative review if the issue gets resolved, so a swift response can turn a negative into a positive.

3. Be discreet. Reach out to negative reviewers directly and privately, you want to learn more about their grievance and acknowledge them in a controlled setting. Perhaps later, if the situation is applicable to a larger segment of your customers you can post a general apology or update on your website or blog.

4. A few bad reviews won’t kill you. Obviously it would be great if all your customers composed sonnets extolling your company’s greatness and performed them on YouTube, but even if you have hardcore fans, there will always be haters. This is one reason you should encourage customers to review you. The more feedback you have the smaller the voice of the malcontent reviewers will be.

Dig Deeper: How Businesses Can Respond to Criticism on Yelp

How to Take Advantage of Online Review and Answer Sites: Removing False Information

Responding to constructive criticism is one thing, you can take it into account to improve customer satisfaction and your business in general, but what if there’s false, defamatory information about your company floating around in the ether? One site, the RipOff Report, serves as a forum for consumers to complain about different businesses. However, the founder and editor of the site, Ed Magedson, refuses to take down false complaints, though he will investigate them for a fee. This business model has made RipOff Report the subject of many lawsuits, but the site appears to have survived most of the legal challenges unscathed. If you find yourself in this situation, here’s how to take matters into your own hands after politely requesting a retraction, of course.

The main thing is to beef up your SEO. If people refuse to take down defamatory content about your company, your best option is “trying to push that domain onto the second page of Google so that it’s not coming up in the top ten results,” says Brad Fallon, an SEO expert and the CEO of Stompernet, a network for entrepreneurs to compare best practices for online businesses. After all, acing the algorithms to manage your online reputation is a lot less expensive than dragging the situation before the courts.

Fallon also recommends that companies not only keep a main company website but also several other ancillary blogs or domains for key products or events, which will also help to control what shows up first in a Google search. If that doesn’t work, you can engage in SEO sabotage: purchasing links to the offending website that appear on a site that’s already in the search engine’s doghouse for violations such as keyword stuffing, machine-generated pages, or copyright violation. Such behavior is malicious but has yet to be deemed illegal. A SEO consultant would probably only do this if the content that you’re burying is defamatory to your company and not just a customer with a bone to pick.

Dig Deeper: Can you take legal action against a former employee who bad-mouthed the company?

Make It Easy for Customers to Review You

Asking your customers to review you point blank is a bad idea when unsolicited; it is especially unappealing to the under-30 demographic, although it works better after an in-depth, positive customer service interaction. Feedback rates can be as low as 10-15 percent even for successful e-commerce sellers so you should make it as easy as possible for your customers to review you. It’s also a good idea to let your employees know that positive customer feedback can boost revenues, as well as their compensation.

1. Use an aggregating service. Services such as BackType and uberVU allow you to pull comments about your company from different social media onto your site in real-time. So, for example, you can set up a section of your website where your customers can go to see feedback, both good and bad, culled from their fellow customers.

2. Create your own feedback community.Creating and hosting your own community of customers discussing your company or product can be beneficial but it can also be costly. “Running a successful community takes about $10,000-$25,000 a month in resources if you want to do it right,” says Calacanis, which he acknowledges isn’t within the budgets of many small businesses. Still there are advantages for companies that can shell out that kind of cash. “The best thing a brand can do is create a branded community because relying on what’s out there has too much risk for my liking,” says Rob Frankel, an independent branding consultant.

Both Frankel and Calacanis’s companies provide these types of services to their customers but Calacanis notes that, price aside, it’s not the answer for every brand; your customers already have to feel a certain way about you for it to work. He says, “Only about 10 percent of brands are ready to ‘host the conversation’ on their site. Most folks have a hard time even listening and talking to their customers online. Can you imagine if AT&T had a questions and answers community? They would spend all day answering [questions like], “Why does your mobile network make my iPhone suck so much?”

Dig Deeper: Business Owners Warm Up to Online Reviews

How to Take Advantage of Online Review and Answer Sites: Resources

To keep tabs on mentions of your company and competitors:

•    Services like BackType and uberVU help you track social media mentions of your brand or company as well as pulling those comments onto your site.

•   Alltop is a media aggregator that collects headlines and blog posts on popular topics. You can use it to keep tabs on the movers and shakers in your industry and potentially develop relationships with them.

•   Google Analytics lets you monitor your website traffic which, among other things, can help you evaluate the success of your social media efforts and where potential leads are finding you.

To post answers and reach out to customers:

•   Yahoo! Answers is well optimized but the quality of the answers provided there tends not to be as rich as on other sites. This gives your cogent response more of a chance to stand out however.

•   Mahalo Answers allows you to hold mini focus groups at a great value by paying users for the best answer. Just remember lowball offers might get you poorly thought out answers.

•    To get feedback from your customers, you can use services such as RatePoint, which has the capacity to provide business owners with customer reviews, surveys, and newsletters.

•   Yelp is becoming an increasingly important resource for people looking for the skinny on local businesses such as restaurants, barbers, and even doctors that they might want to use. Making sure you have a robust profile with plenty of information is an important first step in taking command of your Web presence.

•    Niche question and answer sites on a subject such as business, can help you zero in on your target audience. Bizmore and are two good examples of strong niche communities.

To get creative:

•    If you want to get creative you can try forming partnerships with existing Q & A services or decision engines to suggest your company as a solution to people searching for a related topic. For example, ChaCha provides answers via text, Aardvark helps people get answers by reaching out to their extended social networks, and Hunch helps people make decisions by asking them questions about their personal preferences.

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Female Karate Student Beats Drunk Intruder

We should all take self-defense classes for the exercise, confidence, discipline and who knows you may need the moves one day to protect yourself.  Unlike a gun, karate can’t get in the wrong hands to be used against you.  Good for Jannine…

Female Karate Student Beats Drunk Intruder

Jannine Ramirez had just won a Fresno karate competition when she arrived at her east-central Fresno apartment and found an intruder inside.

She quickly clicked back into competition mode.

She kicked down her bathroom door, then kicked the intruder through a shower door. She continued with an onslaught of kicks and punches until he was outside her apartment on the 2500 block of Maple Avenue.

“We didn’t recognize him,” Ramirez said. “Me and my mom live in the apartment, so no guy whatsoever should be in there.”

Ramirez, 20, a Mclane High School graduate, has a yellow belt — a step above beginner — and expects to be promoted to orange belt next month at the Fresno Shotokan Competition Karate School on Cedar Avenue. She has been a karate and Muay Thai kick-boxing student for a year. Saturday was her first competition.

“I was actually more nervous in the competition than I was trying to get this intruder out of my house,” said Ramirez, who now attends Fresno City College and plans to study physical therapy at Fresno State. “I literally kicked him all the way through my house.”

Her suspicion was aroused when she and her mother got home just after 1 a.m. Sunday to find the master bedroom screen was taken off and the window left open. A T-shirt also was hung on the porch light.

She heard the intruder, later identified as Wilberto Zapata, 18, of Fresno, washing inside the locked bathroom. She then kicked down the door.

As she pushed and punched him out of her apartment, she said Zapata kept yelling that he lived there.

Read more at Fresno Bee.


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28 Oct 2012: Children’s Yoga Day, at Ananda Kutir, Rondebosch, Cape Town

We love this local yoga review. Our goal is to be the hub of local sports reviews at (coming soon), the Yelp for Sports. Local reviews written by athlete for athletes.


Yoga Awakening Africa News


The Yoga day offers children the opportunity to participate in spiritually-based activities, which encompass the principles of Integral

Venue: Ananda Kutir Ashrama
Date: 28 October, Sunday
Time: 09h00 – 14h00
Ages: 3 – 14 years
For more information and details email or 084 9194864.

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