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Female Karate Student Beats Drunk Intruder

We should all take self-defense classes for the exercise, confidence, discipline and who knows you may need the moves one day to protect yourself.  Unlike a gun, karate can’t get in the wrong hands to be used against you.  Good for Jannine…

Female Karate Student Beats Drunk Intruder

Jannine Ramirez had just won a Fresno karate competition when she arrived at her east-central Fresno apartment and found an intruder inside.

She quickly clicked back into competition mode.

She kicked down her bathroom door, then kicked the intruder through a shower door. She continued with an onslaught of kicks and punches until he was outside her apartment on the 2500 block of Maple Avenue.

“We didn’t recognize him,” Ramirez said. “Me and my mom live in the apartment, so no guy whatsoever should be in there.”

Ramirez, 20, a Mclane High School graduate, has a yellow belt — a step above beginner — and expects to be promoted to orange belt next month at the Fresno Shotokan Competition Karate School on Cedar Avenue. She has been a karate and Muay Thai kick-boxing student for a year. Saturday was her first competition.

“I was actually more nervous in the competition than I was trying to get this intruder out of my house,” said Ramirez, who now attends Fresno City College and plans to study physical therapy at Fresno State. “I literally kicked him all the way through my house.”

Her suspicion was aroused when she and her mother got home just after 1 a.m. Sunday to find the master bedroom screen was taken off and the window left open. A T-shirt also was hung on the porch light.

She heard the intruder, later identified as Wilberto Zapata, 18, of Fresno, washing inside the locked bathroom. She then kicked down the door.

As she pushed and punched him out of her apartment, she said Zapata kept yelling that he lived there.

Read more at Fresno Bee.



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