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Is Coaching Your Own Child a Good Idea?

Coaching Sports to Your Children

Posted by Jodi Murphy
Some sports parents would jump at the chance to coach their own youth athletes. After all, they spend plenty of time playing catch or tossing balls for batting practice in the backyard and are at every game already, how much harder is it to be the actual coach? But before you dive headfirst into the world of parent-coaches here are four questions you should ask yourself.

Are you sure you won’t be biased?

A lot of parents decide to become parent-coaches because it’s a great way to spend more time with their youth athlete. Any sports parent can tell you that athletics takes up a huge chunk of their child’s free time so if you can’t beat ‘em, coach ‘em! But it’s important to remember that you aren’t just coaching your own child—you’ve got a dozen other kids to look out for as well. You need to make sure that every player is getting the attention they need to learn the fundamental skills of the sport and succeed as individuals and as a team. Just because you’re the coach that doesn’t automatically mean your child is the center of the team!

Is Coaching Your Own Child a Good Idea?

It’s also important to make sure that you don’t let your own player get away with behavior that their teammates would get called out for. If missing a practice means losing playing time that rule has to apply to everyone—including the coach’s kid.

Will you expect perfection?

On the other side of things—in an attempt to make sure they aren’t unduly favoring their own child, some parent-coaches put extra pressure on their own youth athlete to excel and be perfect on the field/court. While it’s important you don’t let your own player get preferential treatment, it’s easy to swing too far in the other direction as well. Some players might thrive as the “coach’s kid” because they want to be a leader on their team but others might feel like you are unfairly singling them out or expecting more from them than their teammates. Just because you’re the coach that doesn’t automatically mean you child is going to be a superstar athlete and it isn’t fair to expect them to turn into one overnight just because you decided to take over as coach.

Sports Coaching Your Kids

Can you “turn off” your coach mentality?

As a parent-coach it’s important to remember that you are equal parts parent and coach. When you go home after a disappointing game are you going to strategize like a coach and run a play-by-play of everything that went wrong or are you going to put your parent hat back on and let it go? Think about some of the crazy coaches you had in your own sports career—would you have wanted to live with them?! A good parent-coach needs to be able to switch back and forth between the two roles as needed.

Do you actually know the rules of the game?

Most youth sports organizations are always on the hunt for volunteers and while enthusiasm can take you a long way a little knowledge can’t hurt either! Typically the best youth sports coaches are going to be the ones that understand the rules and fundamentals of the game so they can actually coach their team! Remember, you aren’t just coaching your own child—you’re responsible for the athletic development of a dozen or so other kids! It’s a big responsibility and an important factor to consider.

Becoming a parent-coach can change the dynamics between you and your youth athlete dramatically, so before you sign up to coach your daughter’s soccer team or your son’s lacrosse team it’s probably worth talking to them about it. Are they going to be comfortable with you as their coach? Your 5 year old probably won’t care but as your kids get older and they start to take sports more seriously their opinion should count for something.


As a full time soccer coach personally I would say no for one reason only.
Kids see the game differently to their coach. Accordingly, for what ever reason if ‘Little Jimmy‘ has a poor game but you decide to still select him for whatever reason for the next game then usually no problem.
However if the same scenario involves your own son then immediately the other playerds will view this simply as favoring ‘Teachers Pet‘ and it will be the lad who suffers.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Athletes

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Youth Athletes

Holiday Gifts for Athletes

Holiday Gifts for Athletes “high-fives” the sports gift ideas for the holidays to support and encourage your friends and family activities.  How about adding to the list activities/ gifts for you and your children, partner or friends to play together?   Maybe you both sign up for a 5K or yoga classes?  Way to go.  Play Forward!

What are your favorite sports gifts ideas?

Posted by Jodi Murphy

Christmas is just around the corner and unless you’re the kind of sports parent that likes to buy presents months in advance, chances are you’ve got some last minute shopping to do! If you’ve got a youth athlete (or two or three…) still on your to-buy list here are a few last minute stocking stuffer ideas:

Athletic Socks

Now most kids will moan and groan at the thought of getting socks for the holidays, but athletic sock are a totally different story! A great pair of athletic socks can help keep your athlete’s feet drier with moisture wicking fabric, add a little extra cushioning to help absorb hard impacts and even contain anti-microbial technology that helps prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria (making their gear bag and your car smell a lot better!) These aren’t just socks, they’re science!

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Youth Athletes

New Sport Earbuds

If your son or daughter likes running (maybe they are thinking about joining their junior high cross country team!) or biking than a new pair of earbuds specifically designed for athletic use is a great stocking stuffer. Sport earbuds are designed to stay in place even when you’re really moving and are usually sweat and water resistant so they won’t get ruined easily.

A Personal Coaching Session

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t really a stocking stuffer per se, but if your youth athlete wants to get a little more serious about their game (maybe they are looking to join a high powered travel team) you might consider getting them a few one-on-one lessons with a personal coach. Maybe you can book a few hours with a batting instructor or sign your hockey player up for a one-day goalie camp. Spending some one-on-one time with a personal coach means your child gets all the attention and gets to work on their game without any distractions.

Tickets to a Professional Game

There is almost nothing cooler than being a youth athlete and getting to see the “real thing” live and in person, especially if you are die-hard fan. It’s also a great time to have some fun yourself! Tickets to professional sporting events can get expensive, but maybe you can snag tickets to a local college game for a lot less and still give your youth athlete the whole experience. Who knows—maybe they’ll be able to picture themselves playing under the same lights one day!

New Gear

We all know that sports gear can get very expensive very quickly. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to buy second hand gear if your child is just starting out in sports. A-they’ll grow out of it in a season and B-you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on new equipment for football only to have them decide they’d rather play hockey and skip football next year! But if your youth athlete has settled down and clearly has a favorite sport (or maybe even one for each season) than it might be worthwhile investing in a great piece of gear for the upcoming season.


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Coach Jerry Sandusky gets 30 to 60 years for child sex abuse; Let’s Start to Publicaly Review Our Coaches

Coach Finally Gets Sentenced for Abuse

Sundusky Gets 30 to 60 Years in Prison for Abuse

Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, who was convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse, was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison. NBC’s John Yang reports.

By M. Alex Johnson and Kimberly Kaplan, NBC News

New in this version: Comments from judge, Sandusky, victims, attorneys and Penn State

Updated at 11:17 a.m. ET: BELLEFONTE, Pa. — Former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison Tuesday for abusing 10 boys he met over 15 years through his charity for troubled children.

Sandusky — who was defensive coordinator and for many years the presumed heir-apparent to legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno — could have faced as long as 400 years for his convictions on 45 counts of child sexual abuse.

But McKean County Common Pleas Court Judge John Cleland, who was brought in to hear the trial after all of Centre County‘s judges recused themselves, told Sandusky that at age 68, he would be in prison “for the rest of your life.”

“The crime is not only what you did to their bodies but to their psyches and their souls and the assault to the well-being of the larger community in which we all live,” Cleland said.

Sandusky’s lead attorney, Joe Amendola, told reporters outside court that he would file an appeal within 10 days, saying he hadn’t had enough time to prepare an adequate defense.

Four of Sandusky’s victims and the mother of a fifth addressed the court, some of them speaking tearfully to Sandusky. They told of how they had looked up at Sandusky as a mentor, only to have him betray their trust.

“You were the person in my life who was supposed to be a role model, teach honor, respect and accountability, and instead you did terrible things that screwed up my life,” said one of the victims, whom NBC News isn’t identifying.

“You had the chance to plead guilty and spare us the testimony,” he said. “Rather than take the accountability, you decided to try to attack us as if we had done something wrong.”

Another said: “I have tried to think of the words to describe how Jerry Sandusky has impacted my life. There are no words adequate to express the pain and misery he has inflicted in the past, present and future.

“He promised to be my friend and mentor. Then came the ultimate betrayal and deeds. He humiliated me beyond description.”

For his part, Sandusky — as he did in a surprise audio statement Monday night on the Penn State student radio station — insisted that “I didn’t do these alleged disgusting acts.”

Saying he had been advised against speaking at length, Sandusky told Cleland that “as I began to relive everything, I remember my feelings. So many people were hurt, and my eyes filled with tears. It was a horrible time in life to witness, to listen to, be a part of.”

Sandusky said he had “hope in my heart for a brighter day, not knowing when that day will come.”

“Many moments I have spent looking for a purpose,” he said. “Maybe it will help others — some vulnerable children who may have been abused may not be as a result of all the publicity — but I’m not sure about it. I would hope that it would happen.

“I would cherish the opportunity to be a little candle for others as my life goes on as they have been a huge light to me.”

After the hearing, Senior Deputy Attorney General Joseph McGettigan, who prosecuted the case for the state, called Sandusky’s comments “banal self-delusion completely untethered from reality.”

“It was, in short, ridiculous,” he said.

Sandusky alleges massive conspiracy
Wearing a red prison jumpsuit and appearing notably thinner than before he was convicted in June, Sandusky was transported to Centre County Court from jail in a sheriff’s patrol car shortly before the hearing. His wife, Dottie, was in attendance.

Jerry Sandusky spoke out from jail on the eve of his sentencing. NBC’s Michael Isikoff reports.

Sandusky’s statement echoed many of the ideas — some of them word for word — that he broached in his surprise statement Monday night, in which he blamed a widespread conspiracy among police, university administrators and the media for his conviction.

After the hearing, Amendola alluded to that theory, alleging that there was “an undercurrent” in some parts of state government to bring down Penn State because of the power Paterno had amassed in 46 years as head football coach.

“Folks, my understanding is for years opponents had ongoing battles with the state Legislature over funding,” Amendola said. “Penn State always held itself over and above” other state institutions, which rankled some officials, he said.

But in sentencing Sandusky on Tuesday, Cleland called that theory “unbelievable.”

Related: Full statement from Jerry Sandusky

Related: Audio of Sandusky’s statement on Penn State student station ComRadio

In a statement, Penn State President Rodney Erickson said: “Our thoughts today, as they have been for the last year, go out to the victims of Jerry Sandusky’s abuse. While today’s sentence cannot erase what has happened, hopefully it will provide comfort to those affected by these horrible events and help them continue down the road to recovery.”

The statement reflected how deeply the scandal rocked Penn State and Centre County.

Paterno, who was a revered figure representing integrity in college football, was fired Nov. 9 amid allegations that he didn’t properly report concerns about Sandusky to authorities. He died in January at age 85.

University President Graham Spanier resigned in November. Athletic Director Tim Curley is on administrative leave, and Senior Vice President Gary Schultz retired. Curley and Schultz face separate trials on charges that they lied to a grand jury about what they knew.

Watch US News videos on

Penn State’s storied football program, meanwhile, was fined $60 million by the NCAA and was stripped of all victories back to 1998.

Jerry Sandusky gets 30 to 60 years for child sex abuse.

Let’s start to review our coaches and sports online so the coaches that make a positive impact get the credit and the ones that abuse the systems are discovered quickly.  That is why we are building (coming soon).

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